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Workshops and Fieldtrips

For people who are looking for inspiration and progress in their photography a selection of workshops and fieldtrips are available. These are designed to suit your interests and requirements and cover a wide range of objectives at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each workshop is tailored in content, timing and location and can be organised as a stand-alone session, or as a multi-series course covering a full range of objectives. They are practical and dynamic, with the purpose of providing techniques and approaches which help you find your own expression in photography.

Fieldtrips are a key feature, giving you opportunities to use the many tools and techniques from the workshops in a variety of lively and inspiring locations. The purpose is to help bring your vision to life in a real life situation and give you greater confidence in your photographic abilities. Each trip is followed by a review of the images, highlighting ideas and opportunities for future development.

Workshops are customised to suit your interests and requirements. Some examples subjects include:


Understanding exposure and how to control what the camera records using Shutter Speeds, Apertures and ISO.



Tattoo Festival

Alternative sources of light and how to capture them effectively, including an analysis of metering, exposure compensation and bracketing.

Camera lenses – the alternatives in focal length, the impact of each and when to use what.

Composition and how to emphasise the purpose of a photograph.  Includes a wide range of guidelines, with many illustrative examples to bring them to life.

Bhutan girl in silk

Portraits – exploring alternative types of portrait photography, including candid and posed portraiture, and spontaneous street photography.

Includes guidelines on composition, lighting and lenses, as well as essential tips on planning and process.

Flash and studio photography – creating beauty in a controlled lighting environment. Using additional light for creative effect.

Thai dancers on King's Birthday, Petchiburi, Thailand

Night and low light photography, including long exposures, ISO, and white balance. Understanding and making the most of histograms.

Creativity – a balance of technical, inspirational and practical teaching to spark your imagination and help you find fresh approaches in your photography.

Bhutan dancer preparing for Tsechu

Experienced Photographer workshops are also available. These are designed for photographers familiar with the mechanics of their camera. They are highly practical and seek to inspire you to apply your knowledge in a new and creative context. We look at photographers in the fields of photojournalism, portrait photography and landscape photography and examine what each can teach us in terms of creative lighting, dramatic composition, and capturing a decisive moment.  We examine the technical aspects of photography and discuss ways in which an individual perspective can produce eye-catching and creative results.  This is an opportunity to flex creative muscles and see the world from a different angle, to experiment and take new approaches in photography.

What others say:

I am now looking at everything with new eyes and I have taken some beautiful photographs with your advice. I really enjoyed the workshops and wish I could do more. Armelle van Heerden

In a word – super!!! Thanks for teaching the basics and elaborately explaining the whys, dos and don’ts of SLR photography. It was brilliant! Can’t wait till the next time when we go for a field trip.  Andre van der Marck

Jackie, you have a very clear, interesting and passionate way of sharing what is photography. Very interesting course – I didn’t know anything at all to start with and the various subjects we covered were a rich discovery. Now time to practise! Marjorie Spicher

Thank you very much for the lighting workshops.  They were excellent and very informative. I learned very much in a very limited time and I appreciated your step-by-step guidance on camera and flash settings, as well as instructions on how to use my flash properly. The one-to-one workshop was an excellent ‘hands-on’ experience that I would thoroughly recommend. Once again, many thanks and I look forward to learning more about using the flashlight creatively. Paula Bulancea

I recently completed a course of four workshops with Jackie and highly recommend them. Jackie has made me even more determined to be a better photographer. Her way of giving critique on photos makes you feel you are on the right track, and at the same time she points out anything that you can improve in a way that makes you think ”Of course, that would make it even better”.  I’ll be taking more classes with Jackie in the very near future. Marie Linnér

Having a 1-1 with Jackie turbo-charged my photography skills. We were able to concentrate on the areas I have most difficulty with. Out in the street she showed me, shot by shot, how to close the gap between what I was getting from the camera and what I actually wanted to get. These are the lessons that you really retain. Cathy Lynch

Having heard about Jackie’s courses, we took a three-session course to learn the fundamentals of photography and our camera. It was great how Jackie taught us the basics and the relevance to the situations in which we use the camera. We are now equipped with the tools we need to keep a clear record of the buzzing life at school. Linda Belonje

Just a short note to thank you for the great course. We went out for dinner later and all agreed that it was very helpful and you have the ability to explain very well! Congratulations! Christopher Mueller

A fabulous course for beginners, which explained all the basics. Your range of photos for discussion was great, and your feedback on our photos was very useful providing us with useful tips for next time. Jane Mullen


Simply let me know your requirements. I will confirm your booking and let you know if the desired date is available or propose some alternatives. Your booking is secured by transferring 50% of the cost to my account (details provided). The balance is payable on the day.



What to bring:

Bring your camera and camera manual, as well as lenses and additional equipment you have. Please bring fully charged batteries and formatted memory cards. If you are a beginner and do not yet have a camera, let me know so we can discuss next steps.

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